Fight or Flight
Fight or Flight is a fast-paced, objective-oriented A-RTS featuring CTP & CTF mechanics as well as various objectives on the map. The first team to reach 75 points will be victorious. Points can be gained by killing enemy heroes, controlling the Altar of Madaskus or stealing the enemy orb.
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Item Draft
The item draft is an additional stage prior to the Captains Mode where each captain can ban items. The ban applies to both teams. Both captains have 3 points to spend.
Teams can use the item draft in order to force their opponents out of their comfort zone or eliminate a specific strategy.
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Captain's Mode
Both Orbs will spawn on podiums located in the team’s base.

Teams will try to steal the orb and bring it back to their base in order to score points and get rewards.

Orbs have unique features and interactions, adapt to the situation of the game and are providing additional protection to the outposts of their team.
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There are 4 outposts on the map, each providing a unique buff to you and your team.

Outposts can be captured by destroying their shields. Once an outpost has been captured, it will provide vision, its unique buff and a passive aura that slows enemies in its area.

Allied outposts can be enhanced with auxiliaries, fortified and teleported to. Outposts will grow stronger each time they’re captured which allows them to scale with the duration of the game. The effect of all outposts gets stronger over time.
Offers experience.
Grants movement speed as well as cooldown reduction.
Amplifies the damage output of all types of attacks.
Provides additional gold.
After capturing an outpost, you can purchase an Auxiliary for your outpost in order to fortify the position or gain an advantage on the battlefield.

Auxiliaries offer many strategic advantages and allow you to reinforce your play-style. They can be defensive, offensive or offer diverse utility. Auxiliaries have an active and a passive component which often synergize with each other.

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Essence is an additional resource in Fight or Flight. All captured outposts generate essence which can be cast on the Altar or converted in an Assimilator.

Essence will be converted to energy which the team can use in order to summon global spells from the altar.
The Altar of Madaskus is the central structure of the map which offers vision to both teams.

Essences can be casted into the fire of the altar, and the team which has the most essences deposited will receive minor bonuses which are present in a greater measure at the four outposts.

Furthermore, the controlling team will gain points after each passing minute.
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The Pronin
The Pronin are three godless creatures which dwell in the southern part of the island.

The Pronin can be fought, and once defeated, they will scour the island and destroy any outpost they see and kill any enemy hero who crosses their path, until they're defeated.

These creatures grow more powerful with each rebirth and the current state of the game.
Unique Items
Fight or Flight has a small number of game-specific items such as the Obelisk which allows teams to move quickly around the battlefield.